It is “Temps de maduixes”, and Maresme is dyed red

When spring and warm weather arrives, Maresme became red. Specifically the red of the strawberries that year after year are born in its fertile fields. Maresme strawberries have a deserved fame. Until May 29 we can check it out at the Temps de Maduixes, an ideal opportunity to taste this delicious product by savory or sweet dishes, accompanied by sea and typical products of this area.

Las fresas del Maresme protagonizan unas jornadas gastronómicas

In Temps de Maduixes, producers and processors of strawberries participate, as well as bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as the Consorci d’Enoturisme de la DO Alella, another well-known product of the region, Alella wine.

Below you will find the list of restaurants that participate in the Temps de Maduixes and that show the most precious secrets of the Sabors del Maresme.

Restaurants and hotels in Maresme that participate in the “Temps de maduixes”


Restaurant Can Duran. Rambla Àngel Guimerà. 18
633 286 319


Strawberry mussolina with cava. €4.75

Arenys de Mar

Restaurant Blau de Mar. Passeig Xifré, 2
93 158 60 65


Strawberries from Can Marpons with cream. €9

Creamy chocolate and tonka fava with strawberry sorbet from Can Marpons. €9

Total red and green tea (strawberry cream, beetroot, vinegar reduction and green tea mousse). €9

Restaurant Mot By Vila Arenys Hotel. Riera Bisbe Pol, 89
93 795 88 86


Marinated mackerel with strawberry ceviche and strawberries with vinegar

Hotel Savoga. Rial sa Clavella, 12
93 795 92 93

Menu proposal:

Strawberry gazpacho with feta and EVOO; Duck magret with strawberry sauce and potato and goat cheese gratin

White chocolate cake filled with strawberries €20

Sardineta Bistrot. D’ Avall, 41
93 792 05 60


Cod carpaccio with strawberry vinaigrette. €15

Strawberries with cream 6€

Arenys de Munt

Restaurant L’Era. Torrent d’en Puig 11
93 795 01 14


Strawberry salad from l’Hostal del Sol with Iberian ham and mató from Can Xicoi. €12.50

Duck breast medallions with strawberry confit from l’Hostal del Sol. €18

Crepe with Catalan cream and strawberries from l’Hostal del Sol. €5


Restaurant Xalavia. Gran, 8
697 427 487

Menu proposal:

Maresme strawberry carpaccio with anchovies.

Pork fillet with Maresme strawberries and wine and red fruit sauce.

Natural fruit mandala with Maresme strawberries. €25

Tempo de L’Hort de Cabrils

Tempo de l’Hort. Passeig de Cabrils, 8
93 750 86 71


Coca with foie micuit and Maresme strawberries with green shoots and Modena reduction.


Ca l’Isard Restaurant. Jovara, 109. 661 291 373


Goat cheese salad with strawberries.

Bread spread with strawberries and olive oil.

Strawberries with Catalan cream.

Xperience Gastrobar. Església, 355
625 472 476


Maresme strawberries in their juice and a touch of mint.

Canet de Mar

El Celler Moments. Riera Gavarra, 76
93 795 69 46

Menu proposal:

Strawberry, foie and duck ham salad.

Confit cod in strawberry sauce or pulled with two strawberry textures.


Strawberries with hot chocolate.

Strawberries with orange juice.

Strawberries with cream.


Trattopizza Piccoloso. De la Font, 21
93 742 48 95


Warm micro mézclum salad, Sant Cebrià strawberries, brie and balsamic vinegar reduction. €9.50

Prosecco risotto with strawberries. €12.00

White chocolate coulant with strawberry coulis. €6.00

Paquita Slow Bistro. De La Font, 2 cantonada Riera Buscarons
696 345 494


Salmon tataki with teriyaki sauce and sesame with strawberry tartare and guacamole. €14.00

Iberian ham, strawberry and crispy onion salad with raspberry vinaigrette. €10.00


Restaurant El Nou-Cents. El Torrent, 21
93 799 37 51

Menu proposal:

Crispy snacks

Cod tartare, Sant Cebrià strawberries, spring onion, olive sauce on a carob and apple base.

Baked mackerel supreme marinated with strawberries from St. Cebrià, fennel and coriander on creamy chickpeas.

Grilled “ànec bec blau” breast with St. Cebrià strawberry stew and papaya pepper with seeds.

Mango ravioli stuffed with strawberries from St. Cebrià, stewed with black pepper.

Strawberry mousse from St. Cebrià scented with homemade vinegar and crunchy Maresme strawberry.


Pineda de Mar

Restaurant Can Formiga. Església, 104
93 767 17 35

Menu proposal:

Strawberry jam and cheese cake, on a bed of Iberian ham and strawberries from Pineda.

Baked cod trunk with strawberry and honey mousseline.

Catalan cream infused with strawberries.


Restaurant Chicken & Fish. Dr. Bertomeu, 45
93 595 00 92


Strawberry mojito. €6.50

Strawberry cake with pastry cream. €5.50

Strawberry gazpacho with prawn tartare. €10.50

Pizzeria Que Bona!!. Plaza Espanya, 14
633 94 44 35


Artisan pizza with extra York ham with Maresme strawberries. €12.50

Organic chocolate pizza with strawberries from Maresme. €11.50

Restaurant Pura Brasa Pineda. Nacional II, km 671
693 767 15 68


Full pasta with pastry cream and strawberries. €5.50

Strawberries with cream. €5.75

Saboréate. Dr. Bertomeu, 75 bajos
664 162 235


Strawberry salad from Pineda, Iberian ham and breaded camembert. €8.90

Beef “Rellom” with strawberry chutney and vegetable tempura. €18.50

Strawberries from Pineda macerated with orange with mascarpone cream. €5.50

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

Restaurant Teca Balís. Port Balís. N-II km 651 Local 1
93 410 90 11


Duck magret with Ca L’Estrany strawberries with Porto sauce. €16

Grilled scallops with acorn-fed Iberian ham, strawberries from Ca l’Estrany and quicos powder. €17.50

Strawberries with Teca cream. €6

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Sant Cebrià de Vallalta

Sauleda Pastissers, S.L. Pol. Ind. Sot de les Vernedes, 20
93 763 03 30

Menu proposal

Quinoa salad with strawberry and basil oil.

Duck confit with strawberry, strawberries and red fruit sauce.

Puff pastry band with cream and strawberries from Maresme.


Bar Ba’s. Esplanada 4
93 763 26 36
Fundida de la Vallalta.

Sant Iscle de Vallalta

El Jabalí. Plaça Major, 14
658 319 282

Goat cheese salad with strawberry vinaigrette.

Strawberry botifarra.

Vallalta strawberries to taste.

Sant Pol de Mar

Sauleda Pastissers, S.L. Manzanillo, 20
93 760 04 65

Menu proposal:

Quinoa salad with strawberry and basil oil.

Duck confit with strawberry, strawberries and red fruit sauce.

Puff pastry band with cream and strawberries from Maresme.


Restaurant L’Ermita. Carretera N-II s/n km 664
93 760 00 51


Burrata, strawberry pesto, mango, spring onion and roasted peppers, tender lettuce sprouts.

Duck magret with foie-gras and strawberries with balsamic vinegar.

Vanilla panacotta with strawberry textures and Cointreau foam

Restaurant Terrassa Voramar. Doctor Furest s/n
646 338 632


Strawberry sorbet, cream and cocoa 5.50€

Strawberry extra shot. €5.00.

Sant Vicenç de Montalt

Restaurant Mezzaluna. Montseny 1 local 1 (Sorli Discau)
603 462 886 / 93 853 78 54

Menu proposal:

Strawberry gazpacho with fresh mint.

Burrata from La Pulla with ruca and strawberry pesto from Maresme.

Nutella pizza with candied strawberries.


Vilassar de Dalt

El Racó de Can Feliu. Àngel Guimerà, 41
93 753 29 16


Maresme strawberry salad with caramelized goat cheese.

Glass of Maresme strawberries with yogurt, biscuit and chocolate. €5.50

ZEN Food. Manuel Moreno, 25
93 750 76 63

Menu proposal:

Cold Maresme strawberry cream with Italian burrata and homemade pesto.

Tuna nigiris (Bluefin) with foie gras, Maresme strawberry jam and Figueres onion confit.

Salmon maki with creamy cheese, Maresme strawberry and avocado with teriyaki sauce.


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