Till May 1rst, Temps de Pèsols en el Maresme

In Maresme exist many gastronomic products. These delicious and delicatessen products came form sea and also from the vegetable gardens around the area. Between the first one, we find prawns, squids and Sonsos from Arenys de Mar, and from the vegetable gardens the strawberries, cherries, the Alella DO wine, and the famous peas, also known as the green pearl of Maresme.

The flavor of this peas are the theme, every year, of this gastronomic week, Temps de Pèsol. In this event, lots of Maresme restaurants, cook different menus and dishes where the protagonist is the Maresme pea.  Also is the best moment to buy also different local products.

In this year edition (till the 1rst May, and organized by el Consorci de Turisme and Consell Comarcal del Maresme) 24 producers and 29 restaurants from 17 villages of Maresme will be participated:

Arenys de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Argentona, Cabrera de Mar, Cabrils, Caldes d’Estrac, Calella, Canet de Mar, Mataró, Palafolls, Pineda de Mar, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, Sant Pol de Mar, Santa Susanna, Sant Vicenç de Montalt y Vilassar de Mar.

In addition of samples, along the Temps de pesols, the farmers offer to the visitor a guide tour of the local vegetable gardens, to show us how to cultivate peas. Also you could by fresh and natural products from this farms.

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Recipe book

Los guisantes del Maresme son muy apreciados por su gran calidad

There are many variety to cook peas, but highlight three products derived of this.

– The small one, when it is growing up, known with the name “tear”. They are ideal to eat raw for preparations that need a short cooking time. It is very fine and sweet.

– The big pea is hard and round. It is the one that has always been consumed. It is full and a little floury, not so sweet and a bit more vegetal. It is used for purees and long cooking.

– The pea pod is ideal to make soups.

Temps de pèsols with the Maresme cookers, have prepare a large and delicious recipe book that you could download HERE. Highlight the illustrated receipt of la Iaia del Maresme.

BestMaresme has choose one of this receipt.  

Stewed peas with sausages, peppermint and anise:


100 gr. baicon
2 black sausages
2 white sausages
1 raw sausage
1/2 onion

4 spring onion
2 kg. de peas
1 glass of anies
1/2 glass of peppermint
1 fresh mint
2 l. meat or chicken soup


Cut the bacon into small pieces and brown it together with the raw black pudding, also cut into pieces, in a pan with a little oil.

Then add the chopped onion and let it all cook together. Once the onion is cooked, add the peas, leave for a few minutes and add the anise and peppermint. Let the alcohol evaporate. Moisten with the broth until covered, a little more and let cook 15 minutes. Add the black and white sausage, leave for 5 minutes and finish adding the remaining ingredients, the spring onion, cut into four, and the mint branch. We will leave it for 10 more minutes and that’s it.

We check that the pea is well cooked. Rectify salt just in case.

Maresme restaurantes “Temps de Pèsols”

  • Arenys de Mar
    Hotel Sa Voga.
    Rial sa Clavella, 12.
    937 959 293
  • Argentona
    Restaurant Atahualpa
    Carretera de Vilassar, 16
    930 384 836
  • Tempo de L’Hort. Cabrils

    Tempo de l’Hort
    Passeig de Cabrils, 6
    937 508 671

  • Caldes d’Estrac
    La Tasqueta de Caldes
    Calle La Riera, 10
    661 666 262
  • Calella
    Aula-Restaurant El rebost del bisbe
    Calle Valldebanador, 39
    937 661 201
  • Canet de Mar
    A Media Luz Restaurant
    Calle Ample, 9
    937 943 725
  • Mataró
    Restaurant l’Harmonia
    Calle Cristina, 18-20
    937 903 239
  • Pineda de Mar
    Restaurant Can Formiga
    Calle Església, 104
    937 671 735
  • Sant Andreu de Llavaneres
    Restaurant Can Jaume
    Port Balís
    937 926 960
  • Sant Cebrià de Vallalta
    Sauleda Pastissers, S.L.
    Polígon Industrial Sot de les Vernedes, 20
    937 630 330
  • Sant Pol de Mar
    Restaurant L’Ermita
    Carretera N-II km 664, s/n
    937 600 051
  • Sant Vicenç de Montalt
    El Jardí del Vellard
    Riera de Torrentbo, 1 (pujant la riera de Caldes d’Estrac)
    937 910 003
  • Vilassar de Dalt
    El Racó de Can Feliu
    Calle Àngel Guimerà, 41
    937 532 916

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