DO Alella wineries open doors

The wineries of the DO Alella open doors

Coinciding with the Harvest Festival, the idea is to show how the way they are and how they work to everybody. Each visit lasts 90 minutes and includes transportation. Guided tours are scheduled for September 8 and 9.

An excellent opportunity to discover the land, the type of vineyard, the elaboration methods and the final result of the meticulous and careful work that is hidden inside each one of the wineries.

You can go into the facilities and enjoy a wine tasting explained in the same winery.

Visits to the wineries are available on Saturday, September 8:

  • 9.15h Winery Raventós de Alella (Santa Maria de Martorelles)
  • 9.45h Winery Alta Alella Mirga (Alella)
  • 10.15h Winery Alella Vinícola (Alella)
  • 10.45h Winery Roura (Alella)

Available views to the wineries Sunday September 9

  • 9.45h Winery Can Roda (Santa Maria de Martorelles)
  • 10.15h Bouquet de Alella winery (Alella)
  • 10.45h Winery Quim Batlle (Tiana)

Registration: Tourist Office and

Limited places Price: 8€ (under 8 years free, but requires registration)

Meeting point: Tourist Office

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