Guaita towers in Sant Vicenç de Montalt

The Maresme coastline came to be known as “the Donjonada Coast” due to the large number of towers and castles that were built between the 16th and 17th centuries as towers for surveillance and defense against pirates and corsairs.

Currently 55 are preserved, two of them in Sant Vicenç de Montalt, the Torre Can Valls and Can Saurí.

These 55 buildings located in the Maresme region remind us that there was a time when piracy attacks were frequent in this area.

Currently these towers, which are still in use, are part of farmhouses or annex buildings, which remind us the time of pirates and corsairs.

A good example of this is the Torre de Can Saurí located on a private property (not open to visitors) on Calle Mayor 13 in Sant Vicenç de Montalt. A 16th century farmhouse with an adjoining defensive tower that belonged to the Saurí family, later to the Brunet, and finally to the Rabassa.

Can Saurí, Masía que tiene adosada una notable torre de defensa, de planta cuadrada

In Sant Vicenç de Montalt we find another tower, La Torre de Can Valls located inside the Parque de los Hermanos Gabrielistes.

Parque de los hermanos Gabrielistas

It is a 4-hectare garden with native flora and ancient trees from Africa, Asia and Australia that were brought by the Brothers from their missions in those continents.

An authentic viewpoint of the town of Sant Vicenç, crowned with the 18th century tower.

Torre de Can Valls, parque de los Hermanos Gabrielistas

The Torre de Can Valls was restored in the 1990s and is in a very good state of preservation. You can see the basic parts of the watchtowers such as the slope, the door, the window, the machicolations, the battlements and the steeds.

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