Local Gastronomic days dedicated to the Potatoe in SANT VICENÇ DE MONTA

We have reached the 6th edition of the Gastronomic Days of the Potatoe, in Sant Vicenç de Montalt

The reason why these gastronomic days are  dedicated to the potato leads us
to our origins as an agricultural town, where the production of this tuber becomes a powerful enliven of the villages economy.


This event allowed to extend the culture of the potatoe from end to end of
the region and reported large gains to agriculture. The potatoe cultivation and the expertise of the farmers enabled to create “Mataró Potatoes” denomination of origin. The potatoe became currency of change and one of the basic elements in the gastronomy of the region, as much as in the traditional kitchen as in the creative kitchen.
The restaurateurs of San Vicente – both the native villagers and the newly arrived restaurateurs – are aware of the gastronomic resource originated in the area and are faithful to their origins, hence the menus you can taste from typical potatoe dishes, those delicious stews with fish, meat or vegetables with a potatoe base of the traditional “grandma’s kitchen”, or the creative gastronomy  making the Sant vicenç cuisine a claim for the locals and
to the visitor.

➡Information Sources: Bienvenidos al Maresme

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