10 Guidelines to analyze your priorities and choose well your new home!

Find out your needs for that new home to which you are moving in and what you can sacrifice. Analyze your lifestyle, city, mountains or the neighborhood, as well as amenities around will also be part of the decision.

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Condition : Housing and energy waste.

First sensations: “Feeling Comfortable” in the house.

Kitchen: The essential thing is to have a size that meets your needs. If you need to have a place to eat, rectangular kitchens are the most appropriate since they give the option of locating this corner with a table at the ends.

Space: Analyze where your requirements focus more space, whether in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom.

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Clean Distributions: In this case, an important detail to note are the fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms.

The bathrooms normally reformed: It can give a more functional use a bathroom that is too large, completely disassembling it, you can make two bathrooms, one with access to a bedroom and the other to the hallway.

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For small families or singles: Our advice: better to reduce the area of bedrooms and bathrooms, more than the day area:  Wide spaces improve mood and are the best prescription anti-depression. Another way without losing benefits is choosing a housing in a building that provides common services such as laundry room, sports area, green areas, etc.

Light and more light.  Seek  for the most appropriate guidance to the local climate. Usually in Spain, the southern orientation is the best.

Rooms: Search bedrooms with wardrobes. The ideal is to have space for a desk, hence you are interested in the usable area of this type of bedrooms is not less than 9 square meters.

If you can, have a terrace. Do not worry about its condition, there are solutions for this like pallets or wooden tiles, artificial grass, awnings and of course, plants and quality furniture.

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If the house has no terrace,  at least search for balcony doors. Give importance to the views as they visually enlarge the space and are a very effective against stress, lift mood and connect with seasonal changes.
Another tip is to ask for the house lay-out and know exactly its useful square meters.

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