¿Cuál es la mejor casa del Maresme?

Which is the best house in Maresme?

It’s definitely not an easy task to decide which is the best house in Maresme! With so many impressive options, we need a unique approach to discover the gem that stands out among all. That’s why we’re going to ask questions individually to some of our experts, including Cristina Solà, Olga Romanova, Joan Quer, Marisa Torres, Beatriz Sensat, Ina Rosius and Pablo Errando. With their different perspectives, we’re confident we’ll be able to uncover that unique property in Maresme.

The best house in Maresme for Cristina Solà

The best house in Maresme for Cristina SolàCristina, we know you have extensive experience in the real estate market of Maresme. Could you share with us which of the properties in this region you consider most representative of the luxury lifestyle it offers?

My undisputed choice as the best house in Maresme is the C-1322.



2,900,000 €

Completely renovated country house with viewsCompletely renovated country house with views[/caption>
What specific aspects of that property make it stand out for you?
Its restoration and remodeling have managed to preserve its historical charm while offering modern comforts. Strategically located with breathtaking sea views, this property combines architectural elegance with exclusive amenities like a beautiful pool with a beach area. It’s the epitome of Mediterranean luxury and represents the best in design, location, and prestige in the region.

The best house in Maresme according to Marisa Torres

The best house in Maresme according to Marisa TorresMarisa, as the director of BestMaresme, you undoubtedly have a privileged insight into luxury properties in the region. Which property do you consider most emblematic in terms of offering an exclusive lifestyle in Maresme?
We have an extensive selection of luxury properties in our area, each with its own unique characteristics tailored to the individual criteria of each buyer in terms of style and location. Take, for example, property C-1137, an impressive newly built house in Teià, designed by a renowned architecture studio with an integrated landscaping project offering panoramic sea views.





3,900,000 €

Integrated into the environment and sea viewsIntegrated into the environment and sea views
In this case, buyers of this type of homes primarily seek a move-in-ready construction, a differential product for its architectural design, and a well-established garden with low-maintenance native plants. Of course, in Maresme, sea views are an added value to any luxury property.
The distribution of the house has been carefully planned to offer spacious and open spaces, connected to each other and extending towards the outside through a large porch, perfectly equipped, to fully enjoy the garden and the stunning infinity pool.
It has been considered that the boundaries between the interior and exterior blur to provide space for outdoor living, taking advantage of the exceptional climate of Maresme, which allows enjoying the outdoors throughout the year.

The best house in Maresme for Olga Romanova

The best house in Maresme for Olga RomanovaOlga, as a real estate expert, you must have seen a variety of exceptional properties in Maresme. Which of these properties do you think best encapsulates the essence of luxury and elegance in this coastal region?
It’s difficult to choose just one house; personally, I really like Mediterranean classical architecture, so I choose C-934. The house is located in the most prestigious area with private security: Supermaresme.





4,200,000 €

Impressive house with panoramic viewsImpressive house with panoramic views[/caption>
What does a foreign buyer look for when deciding to buy a house on the north coast of Barcelona? First of all, panoramic sea views, privacy, and developed infrastructure. And this house has it all. Beautiful flat plot of 2000 m2 with heated pool, spacious bedrooms all with private bathrooms, fantastic master bedroom with study, dressing room, and terrace with stunning views of the sea and Barcelona. Potential buyers are also attracted by two prestigious golf clubs, a beautiful promenade with a wide beachfront, a marina, and excellent restaurants.

The best house according to Joan Quer

The best house according to Joan QuerJoan, with your experience in the real estate market, you have a deep understanding of luxury properties in Maresme. Which of these properties do you find most outstanding in terms of design, location, and prestige?
It’s difficult to decide on just one house, as we have many with very good and attractive features, and being a great lover of the Maresme area, I find something special in every property. Anyway, after a good while evaluating and seeing our current properties for sale, I decide on a property in the town of Alella, its reference on our website is the C-1204.





1,650,000 €

Minimalist house just steps from downtown Minimalist house just steps from downtown
And, furthermore, what particular features of this property make it your choice as the best house in Maresme?

I decide on this property for the following reasons: Its minimalist design and very modern line, the elevator that connects to all floors (making it a very comfortable and useful property for anyone in any situation), the proximity to the town and its location in one of the most requested areas of the town, its state-of-the-art technology in terms of materials installed in the house such as the aerothermal system and others… I also want to highlight its ample vehicle entry area, while offering comfort and privacy, it is also quite common in these types of houses for owners to have large and luxurious cars, so this access and space is really great.


The best house in Maresme for Beatriz Sensat

The best house in Maresme for Beatriz SensatBeatriz, as the director of BestMaresme, your knowledge of luxury properties in the region is invaluable. Could you share with us which of these properties you consider most impressive in terms of offering an exclusive lifestyle in Maresme?
Deciding which is “the best house in Maresme” is very subjective, given that in El Maresme we have countless properties surrounded by unparalleled nature, full of the color and warmth of this wonderful Mediterranean area, the blues of the sea, the greens of the mountains, and the multitude of vivid colors of flowers and fruit trees.
Since each of us has our priorities when choosing how we want to live and what benefits we seek when considering our home, in my case, I would undoubtedly choose the C-1274 in Cabrera de Mar.





1,275,000 €

Mediterranean views, total privacy Mediterranean views, total privacy

Furthermore, what specific aspects of this property lead you to choose it as the best in Maresme?

This property enjoys an unparalleled location, orientation, and situation, the size of the house is perfect, its distribution is comfortable, functional, and every corner of it communicates with a spectacular garden filling it with natural light, I think it is the perfect definition of Oasis.
In short, a property that exudes tranquility and offers privacy, comfort… For me, that is the definition of luxury in capital letters and therefore, it would undoubtedly be my choice.

The best house in Maresme according to Ina Rosius

The best house in Maresme according to Ina RosiusIna, with your experience in the luxury real estate market, you’ve surely had the chance to see some exceptional properties in Maresme. Which of these properties has left a lasting impression on you, and why do you consider it so special?

As my colleagues have already pointed out, sometimes it’s difficult to choose which is the house that has left a lasting impression on you, but recently I had the chance to personally see a property that has really left a lasting impression on me, it’s our C-939.



3,850,000 €

Design and functionality Design and functionality[/caption>


What unique features of this property make it stand out for you as the best in Maresme?

There are many luxury homes in our area, but for me, the C-939 has been a discovery of technology and engineering, and therefore I consider it really very special. Apart from the spectacularity of its spaces, its aesthetics, its finishes, obviously all of the highest quality, I have been very impressed by its high technology and all the engineering behind any installation of the house. To list a few: large French windows that completely disappear into the ground to blend the interior and exterior, limited temperature oscillation inside to ensure maximum comfort throughout the year, automated system to ensure an optimal level of CO2, sound insulation at the highest level, workspaces in the kitchen that become part of the furniture when taps, countertops, and hoods blend into the interior, automated lighting systems, differentiated by zones and completely customized to the tastes and needs of the client, access to the house through digital and facial reading… It is a home of high sophistication, ahead of its time.

The best house in Maresme according to Pablo Errando

Pablo, after your first 2 years fully involved in the real estate sector of Maresme, you must have noticed the large quantity and quality of properties existing in the region. For this reason, we would like to ask you the following: Which of all these properties has left an indelible memory on you?

It’s difficult to answer this question because you find strengths and weaknesses in every place and environment, depending on what is needed at each stage of life. Therefore, I’ll have to make an exception!

That said, and after careful consideration, my choice is the C-534 in Tiana, an estate that with its gardens, staircases, and lounges seems worthy of a Hollywood golden age movie. In a single word: Glamour.



2,290,000 €

The Neoclassical in the center of Tiana The Neoclassical in the center of Tiana[/caption>

It is a neoclassical construction from the mid-19th century, with almost 900 m2 of surface area, and on a beautiful estate of over 3,000 m2 cared for down to the smallest detail.

What aspects would lead you to choose it as the best in Maresme?

The architectural beauty of the whole is undeniable: the main facade, with its columns and its large two-tiered staircase, seduces anyone. Also noteworthy are its balustrades, fountains, hydrias, ornamental garlands or sculptural groups like the one crowning the building.

The building itself was deeply rehabilitated for almost 4 years. In the process, great respect was shown for the original elements, the frescoes on the walls and the spectacular dome were hand-painted, marbles were imported from India, Italy, and Brazil, the floor combines oak wood with hydraulic tiles, the wooden beams are original… In addition, many elements of the house are valuable pieces acquired at auctions and antique shops from all over the world.

The property has a total of 9 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, and 2 guest toilets, as well as an exceptional pool area and summer porch that are in no way out of place in terms of style and beauty.

Finally, its surroundings are truly idyllic: a kind of garden of Eden from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the charming village of Tiana.

In short, a real gem that deserves my rating as the best property in Maresme!