Maresme wants to move the train from the sea side

The Gloria storm give importance to move the railway that runs through Maresme area because of it railways are affected by sea waters.

However, the damage caused by the Glory storm seems to have been very important to do it. Move the train track has a very high cost but its prevent the sea from flooding the tracks, and eliminate the current barrier between the villages and their beaches.

Vía del tren afectada por el temporal
Vía del tren afectada por el temporal

The Maresme has the honor of having the first train in the Iberian Peninsula. That line, which linked Barcelona and Mataró, was inaugurated on October 28, 1848, more than 170 years ago.

En 1948 una réplica del primer tren en circular entre Barcelona y Mataró, realizó el mismo recorrido

It was promoted by Miquel Biada (1789-1848), a Mataonense who return from America where he amassed his fortune thanks of his businesses in the port of Maracaibo, Venezuela. While in Cuba, he was invited to the inauguration of the first railway that Spain built between Güines and Havana for the sugar transport. Biada immediately realized of this transport advantages could offer. When he returns to Catalonia, he proposed to connect his hometown, Mataró, with Barcelona via a railway line. After many problems Biada achieved his dream although he could not see it, since he died a few months before the first trip, on April 2, due to pneumonia.

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In those years, in Maresme area, there was no tourism and the neighbors of the coastal towns did not use the beaches for their leisure. This, together with the fact that the lands by the sea were public and, consequently, their expropriation was not necessary, made it decided to pass the roads along the first coastline.

Playas de la costa del Maresme

Nowadays, it is clear that’s decision was not a good idea. In 2005, the Generalitat already proposed to the Development Ministry to replace the route by an underground one. This would undoubtedly be a dream for the whole region, that would see how the railway would be a subway that would connect them with the city of Barcelona.

That, not only would be an improvement in communications, also offers a possibility of reorganizes the entire coastline, an area that is in constant demographic and economic growth.

This would also make it safer. Burying the train on the Maresme coast is a pending debt with the region that will represent a major political and urban act.

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