FENG SHUI positive energy in your home

Throw away everything you no longer need:

Untidiness and mess  does not help positive energy to stay. This is transmitted both at home and at work. So get rid of all things that you do not use.

Putting order in your life begins at home and will help you  be happier:
If we live in an untidy environment, we consume positive energy, stress appears, tension, bad mood, headaches, dizziness, etc.

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You have to start working about” emotional detachment” from objects and make a small list of why we keep them and if we really need them. Try to reflect on the “and just in case I need it” …

Give, sell, fix or recycle. Surround yourself with everything you really like and do not give us bad memories.
Put in order closets. Closets are often important energy blocks. Put them in a practical way to quickly find the clothes you want to wear.

Avoid storing old appliances that you no longer use in the kitchen.

And, under the bed never put ANYTHING the energy should flow clearly.

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