Vilassar de Mar Beaches

Maresme, and following a large number of its villages, from Mar, everything in this region reminds us that the sea is omnipresent.

The sea extends from north to south and bathes most of its populations. And those inside are so close that they can smell the sea morning breeze. Each town of Maresme region, although it is in the interior, has its beach.

For example Vilassar de Mar and its neighbors Cabrils and Vilassar de Dalt. Vilassar de Mar, which extends between Premià de Mar and Cabrera de Mar, was the sea neighborhood of Vilassar de Dalt. Fishing and nautical construction, have been displaced by the flower cultivation, above all, by summer and residential tourism. As in other towns of the Maresme, the Levante storms punish the beaches, although in Vilassar resist.

Ponent Beach

The Ponent Beach is the southernmost, next to Premià de Mar, is located in front of the Mercat de les Flors. It has an extension of just over a kilometer. In its southern part is the nudist beach of Vilassar and to the north it ends at the Astillero beach or “dels Pescadors”.

Playa de Ponent
Playa de Ponent


“Playa dels Pescadors”

On the Pescadors beach, a stone breakwater was built where local fishermen who still exercise their craft keep their boats. Between the railway and this beach, there is an ideal road for walking or running. Also on the beach there is a beach bar where you can taste fresh fish.

Playa dels Pescadors
Playa dels Pescadors

Vilassar de Mar beach

Vilassar beach begins at the train station and ends at border with Cabrera de Mar. It keeps its name despite not retaining most of its sand. On this beach the sand is maintained thanks to the various breakwaters built where the Yacht Club and the Palomares restaurant are, both at risk of disappearance due to the limitations imposed by the Law of Coasts. On this promenade of Vilassar Beach just before the Yacht Club we find a beach bar where you can see spectacular sunsets.

The access of vehicles from the N-II to the beach forms the division between Vilassar de Mar and Cabrera de Mar, and it is precisely in this area, where the beach is more extensive and where most beach bars are located.

Playa de Vilassar de Mar
Playa de Vilassar de Mar


Park on the beach

One tip, very careful where to park the car. The police is very aware, especially in summer, of all the infractions committed in the lands located next to the beach in which, in spite of not being asphalted, numerous road signs that parking is not allowed. It is recommended to arrive early to find a parking place or leave the car inside the town and cross by the different underground passages. Some of these passages, such as the Vilassar de Mar beach or Playa de Pescadores, have an elevator.

Another very comfortable way to get to Vilassar de Mar is by train that has the train station just in front of Playa dels Pescadors.

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