The Benefits of living in the Maresme near the sea

Living near the sea also increases the chances of exposure to the sun, which helps produce vitamin D, strengthening the immune system. It also raises endorphin levels, reduces the risk of cancer and improves bone health.

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  • Enhances metabolism
    Iodine, this mineral present in water and in the breeze is a potent stabilizer of the metabolic system. In an atmosphere in which iodine is present, people will experience a normalization in the production of thyroid hormones, as well as a better absorption of principles such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.
  • Fight infections
    Iodine, which is diluted in the sea breeze, is a natural bactericide  helps eliminate infections, especially those related to the respiratory and ocular systems. Iodine levels in the body are directly related to the greater or lesser power of the immune system.
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  • Improves breathing problems
    Many doctors recommend patients with chronic breathing problems, such as asthma, to move to locations near the sea. The main reason is that sea water is rich in iodine and marine salts, omnipresent components in all nasal decongestants. So breathing the sea breeze continuously relieves these patients of their pains.
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  • It is positive for joints
    The beach is the best gym that exists. Take long strolls by the sea, run along the shore, stretch on the sand. The possibilities are many and all of them have a positive effect on joints. Therefore, many doctors recommend patients with these types of problems to play sports on the beach. A negative aspect of physical exercise near the sea is that the perception of pain is greater, but this does not mean that it is bad, it is simply a bodily reaction to abrupt temperature changes. To combat this  you can apply heat on these areas and perform gentle exercise


  • Stabilizes blood pressure
    It has been shown that people living in sea-level towns have better control of hormonal axis Angiotensin-Renin-Aldosterone, as well as a better heart rate. This is because in places that are at the same level as the sea, the atmospheric pressure is higher and, therefore, the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher. This characteristic favors the oxygenation of organs and body tissue, which directly affects blood pressure.

  • Helps heal skin
    From being a child we are told that popular saying that sea water heals wounds, and it is true. The salt present in seawater, as well as iodine, are substances that favor the healing of superficial wounds. It is also very good at eliminating acne and other skin problems.

  • Prevents fluid retention
    Activities such as swimming or diving are recommended for patients with fluid retention problems and heaviness on legs, since water exerts a slight pressure on the body tissues and organs in this way, mobilizes and eliminates  fluids that  concentrate in subcutaneous cellular tissue. Underwater sport is also good for reducing and eliminating varicose veins, since it puts pressure on veins and promotes drainage.
The Benefits of living in the Maresme near the sea
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