Restaurants in Badalona

Meeting up with friends and having a vermouth with some ‘tapas’ in front of the sea, sitting comfortably on the promenade of a port and enjoying the pleasant Mediterranean climate while watching the fishing boats arrive, asking for a table on the terrace of a golf club and enjoying the wonderful views, sharing a good meal with the family in a good restaurant in El Maresme… There are so many fun plans that can be enjoyed in the Barcelona area.

The gastronomic offer of El Maresme is based on Mediterranean cuisine and local products: vegetables, fish, fruit and top quality wine produced in local wineries.

In El Maresme we can find a great variety of gastronomic offer: from family-run bars where delicious dishes are still prepared with great care every day, signature restaurants where you can taste original dishes of refined cuisine recommended by the Michelin Guide, or beach bars where relax drinking a freshly prepared mojito while watching a beautiful sunset.

The Maresme region has an amazing gastronomy, which can be tasted in each of its charming coastal towns

La Llar de l’All i Oli

An intimate and familiar restaurant, near the center of Badalona, characterized both by its relaxed treatment and its dishes. Grilled meat, snails a la llauna or wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón are some of their specialties.

They have menus for groups. Maximum capacity 40 people.

Carrer de la Conquista 87, 08912 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 383 53 07


La Costa



Cozy and familiar space, where you can taste local, seasonal and quality products.

17th century farmhouse that presided over the communal era in Dalt de la Vila and that over the years adapted to urban life until today, when it is incorporated as a restaurant service.

They offer the possibility of sharing most dishes in order to try more, accompanying them with a wide selection of wines.

Dynamic blackboard, where you can find seasonal products and varied novelties.

Carrer de les Eres 1, 08911 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 384 56 52



La Donzella de la Costa

A family restaurant, open since 1929

They have combined the beach bar part with the restaurant part. The latter has spectacular glass views of the Barcelona coastline.

A classic beach bar menu, but with restaurant features: very well-made tapas, such as Andalusian-style squid and roasted chicken croquettes, and to highlight its seven excellent types of rice, such as dry sea goat rice, or the one of the house, a seafood paella with prawns, langoustines and squid.

Recipes from Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines.

Great variety on the wine list.

Passeig Marítim s/n, 08911 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 669 184 488



El Rum Rum Gastrotaberna


Tradition and evolution, in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Very close to Pompeu Fabra, the Museum, the Anís del Mono factory and the emblematic Pont del Petroli, in the Barcelona seaside city of Badalona, a restaurant where you can organize celebrations and events while tasting Mediterranean fusion cuisine in a irresistible temptation that combines tradition and evolution to convince all palates.

A comfortable and cozy decoration, an environment that makes it perfect to go with the family.

Great selection of Tapas of good cuisine (Rum rum potatoes, oysters, cod fritters, foie in its own way, …) Dishes (salads, tempuras.), fish from the market, selected meats, stews, “cool sandwiches” and homemade desserts .

Carrer de Francesc Layret 93, 08911 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 605 397 096




Since 1980, a benchmark for nightlife in the city. Located on the Rambla de Badalona and with privileged views of the promenade and the sea.

An oasis to relax, share and enjoy the day and the night.

The basis of his cuisine is seasonal Mediterranean cuisine, based on local products. A range of salads, meats, fish, among them the supreme of salmon in cava with julienned vegetables or flambéed salmon sashimi.

With a comfortable corner in winter and a sunny space in summer accompanied by an exclusive signature cocktail bar.

Variety of menus for groups.

Carrer de Santa Madrona 63, 08911 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 384 05 61




Family run business, with a clear vision of how the management model should be. Valuable service lesson and they attach great importance to concentration on work to ensure that the service offered is excellent, without neglecting details or customer service.

They worship the delicacies of the sea and their absolute devotion to good tapas, rice dishes and fideuás, in all their versions.

Located in some old baths on the Badalona beach, the place stands out for its marine aesthetic with blue and white tones. Inside, a large terrace with some tables under the pine forest and a cozy room where you can eat all year round.

Not only can you eat fish, shellfish and seafood rice (which is excellent), this restaurant also stands out for its offer of high-quality local dishes, among which the Guikar premium 300gr entrecote, filleted and served with fried potatoes and padrón peppers, fried artichoke hearts, aubergines with cane honey, the acclaimed Iberian ham croquettes and the Russian salad.

Carrer d’Eduard Maristany 75, 08912 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 384 83 64



La Tagliatella

Little Italian oasis.

Generous portions, to share with your partner, family or friends. The best recipes from northern Italy. Wide assortment of dishes that will delight both children and adults. To start, you have to try one of their delicious salads, such as the scallop and prawn salad, a variety of lettuce with scallops, prawns, artichokes, candied tomatoes, toasted corn and pierina, and dress it with the dressing of your choice (there are five for choose), continue with one of their creamy risottos, such as the Iberian risotto, with cream, vegetables, pine nuts and Iberian ham, and finish with a classic Tiramisu.

They offer more than 400 combinations of pasta and sauce, or a pizza made with sourdough.

Carrer del Temple 9, 08911 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 389 95 26



Brisa sin Prisa

A restaurant to enjoy exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and brasserie.

Quality dishes, such as seafood paella or grilled octopus, stand out among its delicacies.

To enjoy the best food by the sea.

Cozy atmosphere, good service, and an excellent location facing the sea. Paellas, fresh fish and grilled meat, by the sea.

Tapas and snack plates.

Plaça Pati de Vela 2, 08912 Badalona
Phone: (+34) 93 807 29 35