Vilassar de Noir

When: October 25, 26 and 27, 2019.

Where: Vilassar de Mar

What: Vilassar de Noir

Vilassar de Noir? Exactly, a festival that celebrates its fourth edition and that has the will to explain and analyze the black genre from the different artistic manifestations: literature, comic, cinema, theater and music.

That a festival that deals with literature and black cinema reaches its fourth edition is very good news for the world of culture. And that it takes place in Vilassar de Mar is a new proof of the cultural strength of our region. Vilassar de Noir is an ideal framework to represent the people in the world of creation and art. It is an occasion to encourage literary and reading activity and to discover a genre with many followers

Vilassar de Noir wants to be an event that represents Vilassar de Mar in the world of creation and art, in addition to promoting literary and reading activity and discovering to the public the virtues of a genre with many followers. Thanks to the work of writers, editors, booksellers and the media, the black genre in both Catalan and Spanish gains day by day followers.

Vilassar Noir program

Can Bisa Cultural local

Friday, October 25th

7pm Inauguration of the festival.

7:15 pm. Delivery of the Vilassar de Noir Prize.

7.30pm Premiere of the movie “The Pekingese Strategy” by Elio Quiroga.

9 pm Roundtable with Alexis Ravelo and Elio Quiroga. Modera, J.R. Armadàs


"La estrategia del pequinés"Saturday, October 26th

11 and 12h. Presentation of the news of some of the usual suspects. Participants: Jordi Agut, Laura Gomara, Jordi de Manuel and David Marín, moderated by Albert Calls; Pilar Romera, Ludmilla Lacueva, Pep Prieto and Llort, moderated by Núria Juanico.

13h Marc Pastor talks with Rosa de Diego.

1:30 p.m. Round table with Eduard Palomares, Miquel Aguirre, Alberto Valle and Pablo Sebastiá. Moderator: Matías Nespolo.

17h Roundtable “When everything is in the head”, with Clara Peñalver, Anna Carreras and Tadea Lizarbe. Moderator: Laura González.

6pm Roundtable “Beyond the border” with Susana Rodríguez, Anna Hernández, Maribel Medina and Salva Alemany. Moderator: Raquel Gámez Serrano.

7pm Jordi Llobregat talks with Toni Iturbe.


7.30pm Roundtable “In the mind of the murderer” with Manuel Marlasca, Paz Velasco and Blas Ruiz Grau. Moderator: Ramon Castelló.

8.30pm Round table “The crudeness of the black” with Daniel Fopiani, Carles Mentuy, Claudio Cerdán and Diego Ameixeiras .. Moderator: Ferran Grau.

8.30pm and 9.30pm (Sunday, 11am). The Theater Troop represents “Assassinat Mysteries to Can Bisa”. Three famous detective novels: Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot and Petra Delicado are summoned to investigate a crime that has not yet been committed. They have 15 minutes to solve it, but the ending is variable, depending on what the viewers choose.

Sunday October 27th

10:30 a.m. Round table “The colors of black” with Maiol de Gràcia, Prado G. Velázquez and Jacinto Vicente. Moderator: Lali Ribera.

11.15 a.m. Roundtable “When you least expect it” with Xavier Moret, Tuli Márquez, Jordi Macarulla and Francesc Planes. Moderator: Aida Montoy

12.15h. Roundtable “A la costa” with Maribel Torres, Cristina Malagelada and Mireia Vancells. Moderator: Maite Viñals.

13h Damià del Clot talks with Anna Guitart.

13.30h. Round table “Complex relations” with Susana Hernández, Joan Roure, Mari Carmen Sinti and Emili Bayo. Moderator: Irene Solanich.

Live in the Maresme

In the villages of the Maresme region there is a great cultural effervescence. The Vilassar de Noir is one of many examples of activities that take place throughout the year. Activities of all kinds cultural, gastronomic, traditional, sports, festive … Having a house in the Maresme ensures an intense life.

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