It’s Strawberry Season In El Maresme!

April 29 – May 29, 2023

With the arrival of the long-awaited spring, many farms in El Maresme have already begun to harvest the tasty and well-known Maresme strawberries. In fact, this delicious product of our land is a real attraction for a large number of people.

With an intense red color, its sweet flavor with a touch of acidity and its meaty texture, the Maresme strawberry is of an enviable quality thanks to the microclimate and the mountainous orography of the region. The Fragaria plant is cultivated on sloping land, which provides a greater angle of incidence of the sun’s rays, and is also grown in orographic conditions with great drainage capacity. In this way, the plant can develop better and offer strawberries of the highest quality.

The strawberry season in El Maresme runs from April 29 to May 29, and it is an ideal opportunity to revalue one of its most unique local products. We can find them in savory and sweet dishes, with seafood and mountain products, which accompanied by a good wine or a DO Alella sparkling wine make up one of the authentic flavors of El Maresme.

Come taste them before they run out!

The Fragaria plant is cultivated under very specific conditions

Where to taste the delicious strawberries from El Maresme?


 Can Duran Restaurant
Rambla Àngel Guimerà, 18
(+34) 633.286.319  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Strawberry mousseline with cava:  4,75 €


Restaurante Blau de Mar
Passeig Xifré, 2
(+34)  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Can Marpons strawberries with whipped cream:  9,00 €
–  Creamy chocolate and tonka bean with Can Marpons strawberry sorbet:  9,00 €
–  Total red with green tea (Strawberry cream, beet, vinegar reduction & green tea mousse):  9,00 €

Restaurante MOT – Vila Arenys Hotel
Riera Bisbe Pol, 89
(+34) 93.795.88.86  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Marinated mackerel with strawberry ceviche and candied strawberries with vinegar:  Price according to market

 Hotel Savoga
Rial Sa Clavella, 12
(+34) 93.795.92.93  /

Gastronomic proposal (20,00 € menu):
–  Strawberry gazpacho with feta cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
–  Duck magret with strawberry sauce and potato gratin with goat cheese
–  White chocolate cake with strawberry filling

Sardineta Bistrot
Carrer d’Avall, 41
(+34) 93.792.05.60  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Cod carpaccio with strawberry vinaigrette:  15,00 €
–  Strawberries with whipped cream:  6,00 €


Restaurante L’Era
Torrent d’en Puig, 11
(+34) 93.795.01.14  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Hostal del Sol Strawberry salad with jamón ibérico shavings and mató from Can Xicoi:  12,50 €
–  Duck magret medallions with strawberry confit from Hostal del Sol:  18,00 €
–  Catalan cream creppe and strawberries from Hostal del Sol:  5,00 €


Restaurante Xalavia
Carrer Gran, 8
(+34) 697.427.487  /

Gastronomic proposal (25,00 € menu):
–  Maresme strawberry carpaccio with anchovies
–  Pork tenderloin with Maresme strawberries in a wine and red fruit sauce
–  Natural fruit mandala with Maresme strawberries


Restaurante Tempo de L’Hort
Passeig de Cabrils, 8
(+34) 93.750.86.71  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Coca de foie micuit and Maresme strawberries & Green sprouts and Modena reduction:  18,25 € (includes 1 glass of wine)

Restaurante Tempo de L'Hort, Cabrils
Tempo de L’Hort Restaurant, in Cabrils


Restaurante Ca l’Isard
Carrer Jovara, 109
(+34) 661.291.373  /

Gastronomic proposal (12,00 € menu):
–  Goat cheese and strawberry salad
–  Bread spread with strawberries and olive oil
–  Strawberries with Catalan cream


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Xperience Gastrobar
Carrer de l’Església, 355
(+34) 625.472.476  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Maresme strawberries with infusion and mint:  12,00 €


El Celler Moments
Riera Gavarra, 76
(+34) 93.795.69.46  /

Gastronomic proposal (25,00 € menu):
–  Strawberry, foie and duck ham salad
–  Cod confit with strawberry sauce or pulled with strawberry textures
–  Strawberries with chocolate/cream/orange juice

Trattopizza Piccoloso
Carrer de la Font, 21
(+34) 93.742.48.95  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Warm micro mesclum salad, Sant Cebrià strawberries, brie & balsamic vinegar reduction:  9,50 €
–  Prosecco risotto with strawberries:  12,00 €
–  White chocolate coulant with strawberry coulis:  6,00 €

Paquita Slow Bistro
Carrer de la Font, 2 (esquina Riera Buscarons)
(+34) 696.345.494  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Salmon tataki with teriyaki sauce and sesame with strawberry tartare and guacamole:  14,00 €
–  Iberian ham, strawberries and crispy onion salad with raspberry vinaigrette:  10,00 €

Strawberries can be found in a wide variety of tasty combinations


Restaurante El Nou-Cents

El Torrent, 21
(+34) 93.799.37.51  /

Gastronomic proposal (66,00 € menu):
–  Crispy snacks, cod tartare, strawberries from Sant Cebrià, spring onion, olive sauce on a carob and apple tile
–  Baked mackerel supreme marinated with strawberries from Sant Cebrià, fennel and coriander on creamy chickpeas / Grilled blue-billed duck breast with stewed strawberries from Sant Cebrià and papaya pepper with sedes
–  Mango ravioli stuffed with strawberries from Sant Cebrià, stewed with black pepper / Strawberry mousse from Sant Cebrià with the scent of homemade vinegar and crunchy strawberry from Maresme


Restaurante Can Formiga
Carrer de l’Església, 104
(+34) 93.767.17.35  /

Gastronomic proposal (35,00 € menu):
–  Strawberry and cheese jam cake, on a bed of Iberian ham and strawberries from Pineda
–  Baked cod trunk with strawberry and honey muselina
–  Catalan cream infused with strawberries

Restaurante Chicken & Fish
Carrer del Dr. Bertomeu, 45
(+34) 93.595.00.92  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Strawberry mojito:  6,50 €
–  Strawberry cake with pastry cream:  5,50 €
–  Strawberry gazpacho with prawn tartare:  10,50 €

 ECO Pizzeria Que Bona!!
Plaça d’Espanya, 14
(+34) 633.944.435  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Extra sweet ham artisan pizza with Maresme strawberries:  12,50 €
–  Organic chocolate pizza with strawberries from Maresme:  11,50 €

 Restaurante Pura Brasa Pineda
Ctra. Nacional II, km 671,6
(+34) 93.767.15.68  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Puff pastry with pastry cream and strawberries:  5,50 €
–  Strawberry with whipped cream:  5,75 €

 Restaurante Saboréate
Carrer del Dr. Bertomeu, 75
(+34) 664.162.235  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Strawberry salad from Pineda, Iberian ham and breaded camembert:  8,90 €
–  Beef tenderloin with strawberry chutney and vegetable tempura:  18,50 €
–  Strawberries from Pineda macerated with orange and mascarpone cream:  5,50 €


Restaurante Teca Balís (Port Balís)
Ctra. Nacional II, km. 651 – Local 1
(+34) 93.410.90.11  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Duck magret with strawberries from Ca L’Estrany and Porto sauce:  16,00 €
–  Grilled scallops & Iberian bellota ham, strawberries from Ca L’Estrany & quicos powder:  17,50 €
–  Strawberries with Teca whipped cream:  6,00 €

Don’t miss the opportunity to come and taste them!


Sauleda Pastissers
Pol. Ind. Sot de les Vernedes, 20
(+34) 93.763.03.30  /

Gastronomic proposal (15,00 € menu):
–  Quinoa salad with strawberries and basil oil
–  Duck confit with strawberries, strawberries and red fruit sauce
–  Puff pastry band with cream and strawberries from El Maresme


Restaurante El Jabalí
Plaça Major, 14
(+34) 658.319.282  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Goat cheese salad with strawberry vinaigrette
–  Strawberry sausage
–  Vallalta strawberries


Sauleda Pastissers
Carrer de Manzanillo, 20
(+34) 93.760.04.65  /

Gastronomic proposal (15,00 € menu):
–  Quinoa salad with strawberries and basil oil
–  Duck confit with strawberries, strawberries and red fruit sauce
–  Puff pastry band with cream and strawberries from El Maresme

 Restaurante L’Ermita
Ctra. Nacional II, km. 664
(+34) 93.760.00.51  /

Gastronomic proposal (26,00 € menu):
–  Burrata, strawberry pesto, mango, spring onion, escalivado pepper, baby lettuce sprouts
–  Duck magret with foie gras and strawberries in balsamic vinegar
–  Vanilla Panna Cotta with strawberry textures and Cointreau foam

Restaurante Terrassa Voramar
Avda. del Dr. Furest, s/n
(+34) 646.338.632  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Titanic: Strawberry sorbet with cream and cocoa:  5,50 €


Restaurante Mezza
Carrer Montseny, 1 (Local 1)
(+34) 603.462.886 / 93.853.78.54  /

Gastronomic proposal (14,90 € menu):
–  Strawberry gazpacho with fresh mint
–  Burrata from La Pulla with ruca and Maresme strawberry pesto
–  Nutella pizza with candied strawberries


Restaurante El Racó de Can Feliu
Carrer d’Àngel Guimerà, 41
(+34) 93.753.29.16  /

Gastronomic proposal:
–  Maresme strawberry salad with caramelized goat cheese:  9,75 €
–  Glass of Maresme strawberries with yogurt, biscuit and chocolate:  5,50 €

Restaurante Zen Food
Carrer de Manuel Moreno, 25
(+34) 93.750.76.63  /

Gastronomic proposal (35,00 € menu):
– Cold cream of Maresme strawberries with Italian burrata and homemade pesto
– Bluefin tuna nigiris with foie, Maresme strawberry jam and Figueres onion confit
– Salmon maki with cream cheese, Maresme strawberries and avocado with teriyaki sauce