Купить роскошные дома в Барселоне

The luxury real estate market again attracts Russian buyers to Barcelona

The Russian population living in Barcelona has increased by 67% in the last ten years.

According to various sources at the moment there are many Russian investment portfolios with sufficient liquidity to acquire a luxury home and Barcelona is still a city with very attractive characteristics for the Russian buyer.

The real estate portal Barnes claims that Russian investors are more than 10% of the foreign real estate demand, fifth place in a list headed by the French representing 20%, followed by the British (18%), the Italians (16 %), Germans (15%) and Belgians (12%).

This increase in Russian demand for real estate and luxury homes in Barcelona is due to the stabilization of the ruble price and the growth of the housing market in Barcelona.

Despite the increase of Russian investors in Barcelona, ​​this week has been echoed in the media the news that one of the most expensive houses in Barcelona has been put on sale, precisely, by a Russian citizen.

The house, of 1,500 m2, is not one of the most spectacular in the area, but because there are few for sale, it has gone out to the market for 11,000 euros per square meter.

The lack of luxury real estate for sale in the metropolitan area has generated a demand for luxury real estate on the coast of Barcelona, ​​especially in the Maresme area, where Rublo’s current purchasing capacity offers excellent real estate investment options.

The Russian market is not an easy market and Russian investors are very demanding when it comes to selecting the type of property they wish to acquire

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