Discover the Maresme on the back of a donkey

El Maresme, a region at the slopes of the mountains of the Cordillera Litoral —Sierra de Sant Mateu, Sierra del Corredor and the Macizo del Montnegre— and which is knowns by its long beaches. 

But Maresme offers us many possibilities. Did you know?

Its proximity to Barcelona makes it a very attractive “express” getaway destination for families looking to disconnect from the city and connect with nature.

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Currently, there are very few lucky people who can enjoy direct contact with nature and animals on a daily basis or whenever they want. If in the past rural life was the most common lifestyle, today the tranquility of nature and the charm of being surrounded by farm animals as chickens, geese, donkeys and sheep have been replaced by the stress and routine of a frenetic urban life.

The Maresme region offers you the chance to break away from everyday life with all kinds of funny activities.

From BestMaresme we want to offer you a different getaway, get to discover Maresme on the back of a donkey, and thus help its repopulation, since in the past the donkey was very common in any activity related to the transport of cargo or people, cultivation and harvesting work, threshing in the threshing floor, forestry work, herd surveillance, movement of mills, waterwheels and water pumps, etc. but with industrialization it was disappearing.

These two centers for the revaluation of the asinina species, which we propose, are located in Maresme, specifically in Tiana and Dosrius.

Rucs de la Serralada

  • Torrent de Can Ratola 17, Tiana (Barcelona)
  • 640 018 855

Rucs de la Serralada is a donkey farm/reserve where they offer socio-educational services, located in a natural and appropriate environment where everyone can interact with the animals and at the same time help preserve this animals.

They have facilities located in the middle of nature, just 10 minutes from Barcelona.

They have a consolidated herd, with some specimens rescued and educated among donkeys and by donkeys, who have a very good relationship with people. All of this is an ideal environment for schools, groups, families or therapeutic activities for people with other abilities with accompaniment inside the enclosure with close contact with the animal and with the support and coordination of its monitors and professional therapists

This is an initiative of socio-educational utility with the interaction of children and these noble animals in which all parties benefit.

Related socio-educational activities: work with the plow, carrying the animal, sticking it to the car, basic saddlery, games, taking care of it and brushing it, or hiking while the donkey carries the load…among many others.

Rukimon – Rucs del Corredor

  • Camí del Santuari del Corredor, s/n Dosrius
  • 610 89 99 26

The Burros del Corredor reserve is located in the Canyamars valley (Dosrius) within the Montnegre Corredor Natural Park, in the Maresme region, 45 minutes from Barcelona. Discover the habitat of these animals while enjoying nature.

The Rucs del Corredor reserve is inhabited by around fifty donkeys of breeds from all over the peninsula with an area of 10 hectares. We can make the visit on foot and document ourselves with the explanatory posters that we find (it lasts approximately half an hour) or carry out activities of interaction with the donkeys. There are activities for all ages. From family rides on the back of donkeys, birthday parties, hiking accompanied by the donkey carrying the packages, children’s routes through farmland and forest paths where children ride and adults walk driving the donkey, gymkhana to obtain the donkey driver / caretaker, visiting the pastures with free donkeys, bachelor parties, sleeping in the reserve, proposals for companies, schools, and much more.


No matter how old you are, with your family or in a group, it’s the perfect getaway!


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