Fábrica ANís del Mono

Symbolic Maresme buildings (II)

Badalona and the Anís del Mono factory

Thanks to Anís del Mono bottle, in many homes sounded Christmas music. And also sweetness to our lunches or dinners. Since the end of the 19th century, this liquor has been made in Badalona, in a building that was declared a historical heritage in 2007. Anís de Mono factory has been preserved for its artistic and heritage value and is a modernist jewel of Badalona.

From the distillation room where anise is still made today, to the manager’s office or the archive, they retain all modernist  characteristics from these period. To Highlight the wooden furniture designed by the Badalonian architect Joan Amigó i Barriga. At the beginning of the 20th century the brand became famous, promoted by the advertising posters by the artist Ramon Casas.

Sala de archivo de la fábrica Anís del Mono

Badalona has a very close relationship with the Anís del Mono factory. On July 7, 2012 it was inaugurated on the promenade, next to the Pont del Petroli, a statue in honor of Anís del Mono, that represents the monkey that appears in its label, is sculpted in bronze and weighs 200 kilos. This monkey has become part of the landscape and is highly esteemed by the Badaloneses. The Anís del Mono factory is currently owned by the Osborne company and can be visited by the Badalona Museum.


The story of Anise del Mono is full of anecdotes. Its name, Anís del Mono, was based on a present that Vicente del Bosch, the founder, received from America who ended up giving the brand’s name. The classic diamond glass bottle that has become a standard in aniseed bottles also has its history. Vicente Bosch was looking for a gift for his wife during a trip to Paris. Finally he bought a perfume whose bottle ended up inspiring the bottle for his drink.

La etiqueta del Anís del Mono es todo un clásico presente por toda la fábrica

The artistic vein of Vicente Bosch led him to convene in 1897 a poster contest (the first one made in Spain) that won Ramon Casas. The monkey monkey’s face has humanoid features based on that of Charles Darwin himself, a nod to the debate about the evolution taking place at that time.

In later years the Badalona brand served as inspiration for his works to other artists recognized as Gris or Picasso.

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