Is it better to contract a real estate agency for the sale my property?

Sell a property is not an easy task

There are many factors to take into account that we may not consider, such as the existence or not of associated mortgages, documents, arrenge visits, signing contracts, etc.

There are many people who consider that they can do it themselves, but they are not real estate experts and are not used to doing paperwork related to the real estate world. A good real estate agent has sales techniques that allow him to sell the property as soon as possible and achieve the maximum possible return.

Advantatges if we contract a real estate agency

Having help and advice when selling a property is always much better. One of the great advantages is having an expert real estate agent in the area, it is avoiding the headache of organizing the paperwork, attending visits and, of course, negotiating the sale. But it has a price.

This commission includes some advantages:

  • Have the help of an expert in the real estate market in the area
  • Management of property advertising to find a buyer
  • Processing of contracts, necessary documents for the purchase and sale, visits and their filtering, as well as negotiation.
  • You will have a professional dedicated immediately and exclusively to the sale of the property, which will undoubtedly shorten the sale time.
  • If you have the help of a real estate agency, everything will be much easier for you. Having the services of a real estate agent will help you make the sale faster and without errors, taking advantage of the experience that the real estate agent has.

BestMaresme is a Real Estate Consultancy specialized in properties on Barcelona coast, specially in Maresme area.

We offer a wide range of real estate services with solutions for national and international clients.

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We will help you with all your needs related to the purchase or sale of your property.

For this, we have lawyers, appraisers, insurance brokers and tax advisors in our multidisciplinary team.

We also have collaboration agreements with management and service entities, such as banks, notaries, construction and reform companies, removals, decoration, energy certificates, etc.

Our solutions will generate savings, security and comfort, essential to guarantee the success of a real estate operation.