Autumn it’s time for Mushrooms in Maresme

In autumn season the temperatures invite us to change the way we enjoy our days off.

We change the beach for mountains walks and enjoy the idyllic environment that surrounds us in Maresme, and we can find mushrooms!

Maresme has more than 700 species of cataloged mushrooms.

With more than one hundred thousand protected hectares, sixteen natural spaces and a biosphere reserve, the forests of the Barcelona regions is one of the attractions that thousands of mushroom seekers comes to this area every autumn.

Maresme region, in Barcelona province, has one of the most favorable habitats for the appearance of mushrooms, thanks to its holm oak forests, mixed oak, holm oak and pine forests.

Some advices to collect mushrooms

  • Be early risers
  • Do not follow roads or routes already stipulated. Immerse in the forest.
  • Bring a basket to put the mushrooms so that they do not spoil
  • Never pluck the mushrooms, with a sharp razor cut them for the trunk closest to the floor.
  • If you are not an expert in mushrooms, a guide can help you. BUT if you are not sure, do not collect it.
  • The last one is a valid warning for any type of excursion: Leave the area as you would like to find it.

Mushrooms that we can find in Maresme:

Níscalos (rovellons), pinatells, trumpets of death, ceps, chanterelles, llanegues, gorringos (ous de reig) among many others.

Areas in Maresme where can we find them:

  • Serralada de la Marina: Depends when we decide to go, the north face is better because it is the more humid face, while on the south face the mushrooms grow up later.

Between Alella and Argentona we can find Níscalos (rovellons), pinatells, trompetes de la mort, cep, chanterelles, llanegues, ous de reig, fredolics.

We recommend you:

The itinerary starts at the Montalegre coll and passes through the highest point of the Serralada de Marina Park, the Galzeran turó, and continue to Castell Ruf. For photography lovers, the route also offers beautiful views of the Vallès, Maresme and Barcelonès regions.

Preciosas vistas al mar y a Barcelona


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  • Parc del Corredor between Argentona and Arenys de Munt we can find all the mentioned mushrooms plus yellow trumpets (Camagrocs).
  • We recommend you:Starting point: Santuari del Corredor, in the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park in the Maresme. This route is signposted and circular, with its origin and end in the Sanctuary of the Corridor, where we can visit the hermitage. It is an ideal excursion for younger children, because it is short and without unevenness. Note that we can enjoy an excellent “fork breakfast” in the same Sanctuary.
Santuari del Corredor


  •  Parc del Montnegre where we could collect mushrooms and also chestnuts.
  • The Montnegre and Corredor Park, located in the Litoral mountain range, between the Maresme and Vallés Oriental regions, has an area of approximately 15,000 ha. The Vallgorguina and Arenys streams determine the division between the Corredor and Montnegre massifs.
Riera de Vallgorguina

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