Can Muntanyà Park in CALDES D’ESTRAC

The Muntanyà Park is located on the southern slope of Puig Castellar. Walking a little, you reach the ruins of an old Iberian settlement – the second most important in the region after Burriach – and at the top crowned by the Enchanted Tower, an ancient defense fortification  which is very emblematic for the village of Caldes.

The park was formerly the garden  of Adolfo Montañá’s House, born in the town of Granollers who, when returning from Cuba – around 1934 – bought these lands in the center of Caldas to build a luxurious house.

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This large natural space in the city is a suitable place for walking, relax and enjoy the quietness, surrounded by nature and a beautiful landscape. Its constant preservation and improvement has served to guarantee the balanced and harmonious development of Caldes, maintaining and enhancing its natural ecosystem.

It enjoys a great diversity of vegetal species like mimosas and lilies, roses and geraniums; Medicinal plants, such as thyme, rosemary and eucalyptus; Fruit trees, such as orange and lemon trees; Spruces, mulberry trees and cypresses, to name a few examples, and especially pine trees.

Throughout its extension you can find naturally differentiated spaces, a pergola overlooking the sea that hosts cultural and social events, a small wooden house and the old farm, which serves to make actitvities and workshops.

A guided tour through the park allows you to discover the vegetation and the extension of this emblematic natural area of ​​Caldes and enjoy the spectacular views of the municipal district and surroundings that are offered from this place.

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