Presentation of a book of cultural interest. Cabrils


Entre camins, bruixes i tempestes: les creus del Vilassar històric


Portada del libro

As we well know, the cross is the main icon of Christian symbology. Their presence in the public space has also always had a certain “evangelizing” function. Among other functions, they have historically been used as sagreras (to mark sacred territory), or to demonstrate the prevailing cult of a jurisdiction, for example.

For centuries these elements have also served to feed the collective imagination, with countless stories and legends not always linked to religion. The term crosses are the most common and well-known (monument that in Catalonia receives the name of pedró, peiró or creu de terme), which in the past used to be placed at the entrance of cities, towns and villages as a sign of piety on the part of the people and for its promotion among travelers. Other crosses, in addition to serving as a boundary between different towns, were conjured up to ward off storms and evil spirits.

The book invites us to reflect on the enormous heritage and historical value of these symbols, and the role that we all must play to safeguard and promote them, as hallmarks and vestiges of the stories they tell us, which are not other than those of our land.


Creu d’Agell
Creu de Montcabrer










Next Saturday, March 18 at 11:30 a.m., in the Església de la Santa Creu de Cabrils, the presentation of the interesting book “Entre camins, bruixes i tempestes: les creus del Vilassar històric” (published by the Museu Comunitari de Cabrils) will take place. The book deals in depth with the history behind these crosses and includes magnificent photographs that have been recovered. The co-authors Laura Bosch Martínez and Jordi Montlló Bolart will be present at the event.

Església de la Santa Creu, Cabrils

Starting from a map of 1777 deposited in the Arxiu Diocesà of Barcelona, the task of reconstructing the history of a series of milestones that have remained to be remembered in the form of crosses, which today still adorn and characterize the landscape of many of the coastal towns of the Maresme. The final result is the result of a long and meticulous investigation and collection of documents, emptying of files and exhaustive field work.

The publication has also been possible thanks to the support of the Institut Ramón Muntaner, the Museu Arxiu de Vilassar de Dalt, the Town Halls of Vilassar de Mar and Cabrera de Mar, the Center d’Estudis Vilassarencs and other private sponsors, in addition to selfless collaboration of many people and entities.

At the end of the presentation, a snack will be held and the authors will sign copies.



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