Tapas in Cabrils this weekend «gastronomic reference»

Are you a person who likes to discover restaurants near Barcelona, come to any of the restaurants that serve «La Tapa solidaria».

One € 1 of each cover is allocated to the Casal d’Infants of Barcelona, ​​which has been working for more than 35 years to improve the situation of the children of Raval.


The best way to discover a village is by participating in the 6th edition of the Gastronomic Route.

Restaurants :

  • Ca l’Estrany
  • Can Rin
  • La Concòrdia
  • La Mossegada
  • L’Hort Cabrils
  • L’Hostal de la Plaça
  • Hotel Mas de Baix
  • Sal i Pebre


Heart of artichoke gratin stuffed with vegetables and prawns (Rte Sal i Pebre)

Potato stuffed with xistorra with quail fried egg (Rte l’Hort de Cabrils)

Tuna «bluefin» with foie, asparagus and smoked vinegar (Can Rin)

And much more…

Dates: From November 2, 2018 to March 3, 2019

Schedule: Every day during the normal restaurant hours

Price:   From € 3.5 (drink incl)


Obligatory annual gastronomic appointment in Cabrils, Maresme region

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