The luxury customer needs a consultant!

The luxury customer needs a consultant that attend to the needs and demands!

In Barcelona region of El Maresme there was an 80% increase in luxury operations during the first six months of this year.

The luxury client needs a consultant. They are changes from needs and demands of customers.

The advisor should know each user to offer the luxury property that best suits to your needs, including teaching him new things. The greatest possible personalization, exclusivity in the service and his treats.

These are trends very important, and how could it be otherwise, are taking a much greater role in those companies focused on the luxury sector.

The needs of the client are changing.

The Consultant, not only wants to teach the Housing, the number of rooms, bathrooms or square meters … the main objective is to identify WHAT the client is looking for, his needs, what best fits his situation, to offer things that I did not know if I wanted to.


Investment capacity is increasing.

Investors trust the market trend. These investors have opted for two very specific types of properties, such as the apartments inside the big cities and the villas in the coastal areas, also the so-called luxury apartments / houses on the Costa de Barcelona.


Best Maresme is a Luxury Real Estate Consulting Firm, experts in exclusives homes over the Coast of Barcelona. Our Multilingual staff serve and help both national as international clients in  Maresme area.



We have a large range of LUXURY Properties, apartments or land on the Costa del Maresme.




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