School Bernat de Riudemeia- Argentona

School founded in 1932 in a building called CAPITOL, which had been the city hall of Argentona.  Was recenty celebrate the 75 years from its. Many elements of the Gothic period has been preserved.

Public center from elemntary till middle school
  • Schedule:        9h -12.30h//15h a 16.30h
  • Services:          extra school classes, lunch room, sport activities.
  • Phone AMPA : 93 797 25 22//

The Bernat de Riudemeia School that wants to learn that promotes learning by recognizing the abilities of the student and offering the opportunity to develop.

It is a school for everyone. It promotes respect, cooperation and where differences add and enrich. They are open to the continuous changes of our society and give current, rigorous and imaginative answers. Incorporate new technologies as a tool to boost growth.

It is worth highlighting the methodological proposal, where the student is the protagonist and is the center of learning. This means that the student makes his decisions, and the teacher guards, advises and proposes new challenges.

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