10 reasons to live in El Maresme

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, and characterized by the contrast between the blue sky and the green of its hills and forests, the Catalan region of Maresme allows you to enjoy an excellent climate throughout the year: the Mediterranean climate, which consists of mild winters, dry summers, warm autumns and springs with abundant rainfall.

In Maresme, the quality of life is maximum. In any corner of the region we find good reasons to choose it as a place of residence

The strict confinement measures imposed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread rise of teleworking have changed the way we live, possibly forever. More and more people prefer places with fewer crowds, larger homes and/or with outdoor areas, with community services such as gardens and swimming pools… In short, there has been a considerable change in trends in many of us when it comes to choosing a place to live.

60% of home buyers would live in rural areas and far from urban centers if they could telework, according to a survey carried out by the LACOOOP study area

And there are quite a few who have decided to return to the smaller cities and municipalities with less population, “retracing” the path that had been the usual path for decades in Spain. In the case of Catalonia, without going any further, we are seeing this phenomenon: a kind of “exodus” from the big cities (with Barcelona as the main example) towards areas that had become places of second residence for the most part, or that In any case, they used to have rather little fixed population during the year, except for the summer.

The Maresme region is a good example of this. Below we give you 10 compelling reasons to live here:

1. The sea

The sea not only gives its name to the region, but also bathes it in its entirety. The Mediterranean Sea provides a pleasant climate all year round and allows you to enjoy cozy beaches with clean sand and warm waters. Latin culture would not be understood without the Mediterranean Sea!

2. Nature

The entire Maresme region is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Serralada Litoral, where we can enjoy wonderful trails, agricultural areas and thick Mediterranean forests. This is generally a forest and shrubland biome with woody, aromatic and thorny understory. It houses a modest biodiversity and has a notable tendency toward desertification, due to the climate in which it grows. Pine, holm oak and cork oak mainly abound, while at ground level aromatic plants such as rosemary, sage, lavender, strawberry tree, mastic, rock rose proliferate… This type of ecosystem dates back to very ancient times, and has survived the formation events of the Mediterranean region.

3. Wide range of properties for sale & rent

There is a wide range of properties for sale in Maresme. Houses with gardens and pools in luxury developments with sea views, beautiful town houses, comfortable apartments with communal areas… There is a product for all tastes and needs!

4. The 30 towns of El Maresme

The Maresme region is made up of a total of 30 municipalities, all of them beautiful and very welcoming. The towns of Maresme are full of life and have all the services necessary for daily life. Below you will see the map of the region:

5. Transportation and communication routes

Maresme has very good communications with neighboring regions and with important infrastructures such as El Prat Airport, Barcelona-Sants Station or the Port of Barcelona:

    • The vehicle (car, motorcycle, bus) circulates on the Maresme Highway (C-32). It begins in Barcelona as the C-31 highway and becomes C-32 near Montgat, in the direction of Girona. It is parallel to the old National Highway N-2 and the Renfe tracks along the coast to Palafolls. Since September 2021 it is free.
    • The train runs on Line R1 of Rodalies de Catalunya (Cercanías de Barcelona), a railway line known as the “coast line” or “Maresme line” that runs between Molins de Rey and Maçanet-Massanes via Mataró. It covers a 90 km journey and the price of a ticket varies depending on the distance, but a single one-way ticket costs around €2.50 per traveler.
    • Finally, to move between the different municipalities of Maresme there is the aforementioned Carretera Nacional N-2, a free infrastructure that runs parallel to the coastline and a few meters from it. Since the elimination of tolls on many Catalan highways, there is a popular clamor to “pacify” and recondition the N-2 to turn the Maresme coast into a quieter, safer and more pleasant place. In this regard, there are several projects on the table, some still in the study phase and others already ready to begin work.

6. Historical heritage and cultural offer

In Maresme there is an important historical heritage that ranges from the Neolithic, passing through Laietania, with Iberian and Roman sites, castles and watchtowers, an interesting modernist legacy and Indian heritage, routes from the Civil War…

Likewise, Maresme enjoys an intense cultural life throughout the year. The region also has numerous interesting museums, first-class theaters, cinemas, cultural centers, music festivals and thematic fairs, some of them internationally renowned.

7. Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Maresme is unique. The richness of the land, the bonanza of its climate and the good work of its people provide authentic delicacies, not to mention those that arrive from the sea through its fishing boats. In Maresme there are products with Protected Designation of Origin such as wine from Alella, peas from Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, strawberries or shrimp from Arenys de Mar.

8. Education

In Maresme there are numerous educational centers, both public preschool and primary educational centers, and a good number of subsidized and private ones. The offer of secondary education, baccalaureate and vocational training centers is also very complete.

In Baix Maresme there are 121 educational centers between those of public and private ownership. And in Alt Maresme there are 36 public centers for early childhood and primary education, 15 for secondary education, high school and vocational training, 12 private/concerted centers for early childhood, primary and secondary education, one public center for special education, 16 public daycare centers and 11 private. In Mataró there are nine municipal daycare centers, 40 centers between early childhood, primary and secondary education, as well as two special education schools.

9. Sports

The region offers numerous modern facilities for practicing all types of sports. From nautical sports in its numerous ports, to racquet sports such as tennis or paddle tennis, or ball sports such as soccer or basketball. Without forgetting the magnificent golf courses and nature itself that makes it easy to walk, run or cycle surrounded by a truly idyllic environment.

10. Proximity to Barcelona

The proximity of among Maresme region to Barcelona puts all the advantages of a large and modern city within reach, while we enjoy all the advantages and tranquility of a coastal enclave like Maresme. The closest point of Maresme to the city of Barcelona is Tiana and Montgat (barely 13 km away from Barcelona), while the northernmost municipalities of Maresme and, therefore, furthest from Barcelona are Malgrat de Mar, Palafolls and Tordera (approximately 70 km away from Barcelona).

So far 10 reasons to live in El Maresme, but there are more… So just come and discover them!!!

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