Сан-Висенс-де-Монтальт уютный побережья поселок между морем и горами

The park called Germans Gabrielistas a beautiful garden of 4 hectares where the native flora abounds and centenary trees of undeniable beauty. A few years ago was recovered an old water mine that currently supplies the small lake of the park.

Солнце, свет и вид на море характеризуют этот дом с бассейном в Сан-Винсенте-де-Монтальт

An urban nucleus marked by history preserving its emblematic countryhouses, the  Sant Vicenç Chapel built in the XVI century as well as several “guaita towers”, nowadays many of them belong to private properties.

Захватывающий броскошный дом в городке Сан-Винсенте-де-Монтальт

And, the area of the Ginesta street is more modern and has a strong enterprise spirit. You can find all types of shops, from hairdressers, fish shops, delicatessens, coffee shops etc … Exclusive and selective products

Дом расположен в одном из самых престижных районов Супермаресма

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