October 12 – November 12, 2023


As it is tradition in Maresme, and it’s been 28 years now, along with autumn comes one of the most anticipated events: the famous Calamarenys! Some fun gastronomic days that give absolute prominence to a typical product of the region such as the tasty jig squid, and at the same time highlight one of the main economic activities of the Catalan coast: fishing. The objective is none other than to promote local gastronomy and promote the quality of the Arenys brand and local products.

Arenys de Mar maintains a historic relationship with the sea

A month of delicious and original culinary proposals around Arenys de Mar squid, prepared with care by excellent local restaurants. The product used is of high quality and with characteristic features that make it unique. In fact, Arenys squid is known as ‘sweet squid’ for its unmistakable flavor. In addition, activities will also be organized such as the popular dinner, the gastronomic exchange with Gironella, visits to the port, tapas in the market, boat rides, tastings or the traditional fish auction.

Squid can be enjoyed in a multitude of delicious dishes

The port of Arenys de Mar is one of the most important fishing ports on the Catalan coast, a true attraction for numerous visitors and lovers of sea culture, and integrates fishing, recreational, sports, gastronomic and industrial practices.

The arrival of the fishing boats to the port is a real spectacle

Another of the key points of this year’s Calamarenys will be to emphasize the terrible impact that climate change is having on the ecosystem, in this case on marine species such as squid. The temperature of the Mediterranean Sea has risen significantly and this has serious repercussions on the fishing sector. Hence the importance of preserving the natural environment. It is imperative to make decisions and take action, and do so as soon as possible. But also promote and disseminate knowledge about the marine environment and the sustainable development opportunities of the blue economy. This will undoubtedly be a very present issue in this year’s edition.

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