The Maresme, poker of aces

Alella, Arenys de Mar, Arenys de Munt and Argentona, four Maresme towns whose names begin with A and which are a true poker of aces. The Maresme region is made up of 30 municipalities. Coincidence has meant that only the names of four of them start with the letter A. And it is no longer such a coincidence that there are four towns that form a true poker of aces in which living is a safe bet.


El mar desde Alella

Alella is the Ace of Cups. It is not in vain that it gives its name to the internationally recognized wines of the DO of Alella. However, this DO is not the only Ace in Alella’s magic. In addition to the vineyards and an admirable natural landscape provided by the Serralada Litoral, we find dolmens, Iberian remains, hermitages, castles, fountains… We cannot forget either the interesting gastronomic offer and its proximity to the sea, which can be seen from many corners. of the term.

Activities around the world of wine, with visits to wineries, tastings, walks through the vineyards or even lunches surrounded by vines, are one of the great attractions of Alella. An ideal town to visit, but also ideal to enjoy a high quality of life.

Arenys de Mar

Puerto de arenys de Mar
Un barco llega cargado de capturas al puerto de Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is the Ace of Diamonds. No other way can we qualify the products that arrive at its fishing port, the most important in the region and one of the most outstanding on the entire Catalan coast. The fish and shellfish that comes out of the Arenys de Mar fish market is valued throughout Catalonia, especially the prawns, squid or sonsos. The value of these seafood is recognized by the restoration that, every year around October, celebrates a gastronomic festival, the Calamarenys, whose main protagonist is the squid.

The fish auction that takes place every afternoon attracts many buyers but also attracts many visitors.

Arenys de Mar is also the Sinera of the great poet Salvador Espriu, the Calisay building, the modernist market, festivals, commerce, history and of course, the Mediterranean cemetery located at the top of Turó de la Pietat, where there are sculptures of remarkable beauty, of modernist artists such as Josep Llimona and Venanci Vallmitjana.

An authentic seafaring village just 40 kilometers from Barcelona.

Arenys de Munt

Can Jalpi
El castillo de Can Jalpi en Arenys de Munt

Next to Arenys de Mar is Arenys de Munt and it is the Ace of Clubs. Clovers that we find scattered throughout its numerous and precious natural spaces. In this municipality is the Parc del Corredor i Montnegre where we can walk, go on excursions on foot or by bicycle and visit spaces as significant as the castle of Can Jalpí, one of the main symbols of the town. Built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, it was the result of the eccentricities of a nobleman who decided to transform an old farmhouse in the town into a medieval castle with great detail. It is currently a restaurant where all kinds of events are also held.

Arenys de Munt has a long tradition of crafts, including bobbin lace (documented since the 17th century) that even has a Monument to the Puntaire. Another of the Aces up the sleeve of Arenys de Munt are its cherries, whose native variety is the protagonist in the Fira de la Cirera d’en Roca every year.

In the municipality we find outstanding religious buildings in addition to the church of Sant Martí d’Arenys, the hermitage of Santa Cecília de Torrentbò, the hermitage of Remei or the ruins of what was the church of Sant Miquel that have been half hidden among the vegetation.


Cada verano la Fira del Càntir de Argentona es una gran fiesta

The fourth Ace that remains is that of Spades and we award it to Argentona. This inland municipality of the Maresme, almost touches the coast and is known for many things, but without any doubt the main one is for the International Ceramics and Terrissa Argillà Fair of Argentona, a great event with ceramics that every summer for three days hosts thousands of visitors. And of course for its Museu del Càntir.

Just 33 kilometers from Barcelona and 4 from Mataró, Argentona is surrounded by forests. The discovery of mineral and medicinal spring waters promoted the construction of spas, such as the Font Picant, and led the city to become a summer resort for the Barcelona bourgeoisie. It has historical places that are worth discovering. Among them we have the Plaza Nova, the heart of the town and the main stage for the activities of the festival or the markets.

Argentona also has La Sala, a large premises that is used to host all kinds of shows and has been in operation since 1949. It was built thanks to the collaboration of farmers and merchants from the municipality, that today it is municipal property.

In Argentona there is also the parish church of San Julià, rebuilt in the 16th century and in a late Gothic style. Inside there were two altarpieces and a Renaissance high chair that were destroyed during the civil war. At the end of the 19th century it was restored by the modernist architect Puig i Cadafalch.

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