Discover Argentona wander through it

Argentona is a town in the Maresme region that has an important architectural and cultural heritage, as well as a natural environment that will allow you to enjoy a large recreational and leisure activities offer.

The Museo del Cántir, the Plaza de la Iglesia, the Plaza Nova, the Puig i Cadafalch house… walk, enjoy the shopping on Carrer Gran, unwind at the Font Picant or take part in one of the many natural routes that provides the municipality.


¿Let’s go to discover Argentona?


We start our stroll from Plaza Nova, one of the activity centers of Argentona, where we find the tram that linked Mataró and Argentona for almost 40 years. In the same square stands La Sala, an old cinema and theater renovated as a new stage space.

Fotografía del tranvía que unió Mataró y Argentona

We will go up Gran street, with a wide range of shops where we can buy artisan products.

Following Gran street we reach the Font de Sant Domingo. During the summer festival, at the beginning of August, the act of blessing the waters is celebrated, a tradition that has its origins in the ancient pilgrimage of Sant Domènec, which began in the 17th century, in which Argentona made a vow to the saint to to protect the waters from the epidemic that was affecting the entire country.

Argentona has an noticeable identity by the jugs and the water.

Since 1951 this day has been celebrated as Fiesta del Cántaro, the Summer Festival of Argentona.

Fiesta de la cerámica y del cántaro, Argentona

So, during the first days of August, reserve time in your calendar to enjoy the celebration of the International Ceramics and Pottery Fair, the Fiesta del Cántaro and the Fiesta Mayor.

If we go back a few meters, in the intersection Calle Gran we will arrive at Plaza de Vendre, here we can enjoy of a modernist house, La Casa Puig i Cadafalch, built between 1897 and 1905 by the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch as a summer family house.

We continue our pleasant stroll along Torras i Bages street to the Plaza de la Iglesia, to visit the Church of Sant Julià (16th century), of Gothic style. In the same square we find the Museo del Cántaro, unique in its specialty. In it we can see more than 4000 examples of jugs, from all origins and types, from the Bronze Age to Picasso.

Museo del Càntir, con más de 4000 ejemplares de botijos

In the same square is La Casa Gótica, a building from the end of the 16th century, in the late Gothic style, some original architectural elements remain, such as the round portal or the pointed arches of the old porch. This house was the former headquarters of the Pitcher Museum between 1975 and 1997 and since September 27, 2003 is the Municipal Historical Archive and exhibition hall.

Make a route through the mountains is one of the best ways to enjoy its landscapes, so we will leave the center and we will to the forests that surround Argentona. We invite you to enjoy the numerous routes such as the Font Picant, an emblematic place with a lot of history, the Burriac Castle which, that belongs to the municipality of Cabrera de Mar, is another of the spaces that the people from Argentona feel as their own and it is a fantastic viewpoint towards the sea and the mountains of Maresme.

Font Picant de Argentona


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