Enjoy your Garden by Planting Grass

A meadow of natural grass is cause for happiness
The feeling of walking barefoot on a grass meadow, is, for many, the quintessential.

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Grass resists almost everything
Unlike a terrace of stone or tile, lawn is a living organism and, precisely for this reason it is much more resistant.

Installing Natural Lawn isn’t expensive
Putting grass is more economical than installing pavement. Seeds are cheaper and you do not need to do great works.

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The lawn adapts to all kinds of styles
In romantic style or minimalists gardens,  lawn combines well with all type of plants.

The grass gives amplitude feeling
In  medium and large gardens, a meadow gives visual amplitude; In small ones, however, it is not recommended to plant grass. The alternative is the artificial turf – perfect solution for terraces and attics.

Beautiful terrace combined with lawn in Alella

Requires care
Lawn must be pruned at least every two weeks and watered often. If you travel a lot or do not have time and do not want to hire a gardener, you better opt for a stone terrace or pavement.

➡Information Source: Houzz

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