Beautiful Flowered Villas in the Maresme

And, in our cover picture appears the town of Arenys de Mar that is fully recovering all the vegetation on the maritime strip. In addition to a conservation and recovery program and promotion of the natural streams as natural tourist interest

We present some of the Maresme towns that have wanted to be part of the Flowered Villas, well-kept streets with flowers in the entrances of the town as well as in the windows and balconies of the houses

➡Teià town of flowers and fragrance

➡Alella a wine tradition town but giving way to the colors, scents and fragrances that transmit nature.


➡The Jalpi castle in Arenys de Munt with trees, vegetation and flowers as protagonists

➡Cabrera de Mar, a town that combines sea and mountains with excellent results

➡Vilassar de Mar, home of flowers and ornamental plants well endowed with green spaces


➡Sant Vicenç de Montalt, with its large park of almost 4Ha century-old trees and native flora




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