Homes with spark

The fireplace  is a house element that report lighting and heating, also was used in kitchens as in the past for cooking, or simply as a decorative element.

The invention of the fireplace dates from the first century after Christ. The first were simple holes in the floor to be able to heat up and cook in homes.

Currently, they are closed fires that isolate the fire and improve the security of the home. You can also choose from a variety of fireplaces, stoves …

You have a fireplace you have a Treasure.

A room with fireplace gives off heat. Who is not curled up in front of the fireplace? They make your living room a family meeting point, with friends … with a lot of spark!

Take advantage, during all seasons, to have it always decorated. Add baskets with green branches, candle compositions, flowers, elements with color that encourage and that fall in love.

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