The telework revolution has come to stay

The Covid19 pandemic has left great misfortunes around the world. However, human beings are characterized by facing great adversities and succeeding in them. The history prove it. We have had to adapt to circumstances. One of characteristics of this adaptation is that we had to change the way we work

Must not have to happen, that we returns as we were a year ago. The pandemic has shown us that we can you work from home, and with suitable conditions.

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The technologies available today, and those that will arrive, show us that teleworking has come to stay. Consequently, our homes are no longer just going to be a place to live, are also our place to work. A concept that will be very present when we have to buy a property.

If we can telework from home, we can have our home wherever we want. We just need to ensure good network coverage. The city will cease to be the privileged place because it is close to our workplaces. Therefore we can choose where we want to live without proximity to the workplace being a primary factor.

The proximity to the sea or nature, have a garden with a swimming pool, good schools for children…, are factors that will be important in our decision to buy a property.

Casa en venta en Cabrils, con maravillosas vistas al mar- Ref C-575

It is not a surprise that, in this circumstance, there are areas that are ideal to absorb the new housing needs of these new remote workers. With the pandemic still active, but hopping with vaccines, now is a good time to consider where and how we want to work and live in the future.

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