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Things to do as a family in the Maresme when it’s cold

Maresme region is sea and mountains. It is fresh air and nature. These intrinsic characteristics of the region are ideal to enjoy the good weather and the sunny days. However, there are also some cold and cloudy days and then Maresme also offers multiple possibilities to enjoy with the family.

The Maresme region is large and very active, so the social and cultural life is very intense. We have selected some of these activities to be able to enjoy these cold and cloudy days.

Five family activities to enjoy on cold days

Escape room

Mataró. In the Circus of Strangers, an old circus company with more than 100 years of history, offers the best magic tricks, the most spectacular stunts and the strangest and most peculiar people on the planet. Until one day a strange event during one of his functions changed the script of his story …

The neighbors are very unhappy with the police chief and have decided to report him to court. Very angry, the commissioner has decided to plant a bomb somewhere in the city. In Super Swats, participants must find it and deactivate it.

Las reliquias mágicas

Masnou. The guardian of the magical relics has suffered a memory spell and she does not remember where in the school of magic and sorcery are the three powerful magical objects that she must safeguard. In The Magic Relics you must enter the magic school, learn spells and potions and recover the three lost magic items. An ideal experience for children and families.


Vilassar de Dalt. At the La Massa theater we find an abundant family program of both theatrical shows, such as circus and cinema. This emblematic tehater of Maresme designed by the famous Valencian master builder Rafael Guastavino i Moreno is an ideal space both for the content of his proposals and for the continent that, by itself, is worth a visit.

Mataró. In the Monumental Theater they offer a children’s program. In the capital of Maresme there are otherspaces where we have family activities such as the Casal L’Aliança, the Antoni Comas Library or the Coll i Regàs House. The offer is really abundant and fun.


Santa Susanna. On days when you feel like sheltering, visit one of the museums in Maresme is a great idea. In the Masia Racó de Can Cases de Santa Susanna we have the Museu de la Pagesia. This museum offers a new pedagogical proposal that uses the image and new technologies to publicize the relationship of the use of the land and man, as a means of subsistence through life in the countryside.

Museu de l'Estampació
Un taller en el Museu de l’Estampació

Premià de Mar. The Museu de l’Estampació is the only museum in Spain specialized in textile printing. The museum workshop is a fun and educational space where on weekends activities are offered for a family audience, in which participants learn while playing different techniques related to textiles and printing.

Vilassar de Dalt. In this town we find a small and unknown museum that will surely delight the little ones. This is El Cau del Cargol, a space that brings together a collection of 16,000 shells of marine, terrestrial and freshwater mollusks from all over the world. The shells of snails and shells from El Cau del Cargol were collected since 1950 by its founder Jaume Bot i Arenas (1904-1983). Thanks to the acquisition of collections prior to the founding of the museum, we can enjoy the work of various naturalists from 1850 to today; That is why the collection contains really rare or unique specimens, both for the size of the shells and the place of origin as well as for their state of conservation.

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Mataró. Visiting emblematic buildings in the region is always a good idea. Some of them, such as the Nau Gaudí, the work of the famous modernist architect, offer family activities to make visiting with children more fun: “Gaudí architect” family activity, every second Saturday of the month at 6:00 p.m. (children over five years of age ), and family activity at the current exhibition, every third Sunday of the month at 12 noon (children over five years old).

Can Gel
Nave principal de Can Gel

Dosrius (Canyamars). “Live Can Gel!” It is a guided tour of a productive dairy farm. The visit takes place in two parts, in the first part it is explained in a dynamic way the operation of the farm, what the cows are like, why they give milk, what they eat … and in the second part (already outside, so you have to bundle up if it’s cold) you visit the main barn and carry out some guided activities such as feeding the animals or giving the little ones a bottle.


Going to the cinema to enjoy a premiere movie is a good alternative for these cold days On the billboard there is always an interesting film to watch with the family or friends. In Maresme there are a good number of cinemas.

Arenys de Mar. OCINE Arenys.
Argentona. Centre Parroquial d’Argentona.
El Masnou. Cine La Calandria.
Mataró. Cinesa Mataró Parc.

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