The legent of Sant Jordi in Maresme!

This year Sant Jordi is just one day after Easter Monday, so after eating “La mona” it will be time to give us a rose and a book!

During the Sant Jordi day, patron of Catalonia and Aragon, its celebrate the lovers day. The tradition is to give a book to the man and a rose to the woman.

Who has not walked through the streets of Maresme villages searching a book, many are signed by their authors or buying a rose, which is now an infinity of colors ??? Craft workshops, concerts, activities for childs …

It is also a tradition the «bread of Sant Jordi», a Pagés bread with the peculiarity it is made of Mahón cheese and sobrasada that when cut it, is the drawing of the 4 Catalan bars. Typical bread that we can also find in the bakeries during the September 11th or in annual festival (Catalan: festa major) of the city of Barcelona.

Since 1930, this date also coincides with the «International Book Day», making this holiday a luxury for all the senses.

Festive atmosphere in all the towns of Maresme, with streets markets that fill our streets with color and culture!

The legent of Sant Jordi



In the fifteenth century, a fair of roses was organized in Barcelona on the occasion of Saint Jordi. Mostly bride and groom or young couples used to go so this suggests that the custom of giving a rose has its origin in this festival, which was held at the Palau de la Generalitat.

Sant Jordi, books, roses in the Maresme.

BestMaresme recommends some villages to enjoy this special date!

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Cabrils celebrates this Saturday, April 21, the Festa de Sant Jordi with stops of roses and books, workshops, shows, awards and much more.

From 10 to 14 the streets of Cabrils are filled with color and culture!

  • 11.00 puppet show
  • 12.00 Readings out loud
  • 12.30 the story «Musicat»

And at 2:00 pm the Vermouth time in front of «La Fàbrica» ​​that puts an end to the party!


In Vilassar de Mar we can find, streets markets that fill the town with books and roses ando also the legend of Sant Jordi Performance, in the Picasso square on Tuesday, April 23, at 7:30 pm, where we can see the representation of this legend so typical and known!


Sant Vicenç from 10 o’clock in the morning in the town square the library goes out to the street!

Exhibitions of books with presentation of literary novelties and book signing by their authors.

At the «Fem Sant Vicenç» Assocation stop, during the morning you can find story sessions for the little ones in the house!

Mataró as capital of the Maresme, has a wide range of options to enjoy this day!

We highlight the concentrations of Giants and dwarves at 19.45 in the Plaza de Santa Maria, as well as the Colla Castellera de Capgrossos de Mataró in front of the town hall at 19.30!


Llavaneres, A Sant Jordi full of literature, music and roses!!

La plaça de la Vila the central point of this day!

The municipality organizes different activities during the afternoon of Tuesday, April 23th, starting with stories for children at 5:00 pm by Noemi Caballer. Music at 18.00 with the band of the Municipal School of Music of Llavaneres who then do a show called «Tocas o recitas».


As you can see, this Sant Jordi  will be a party full of color, music culture … !!


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