Iaia del Maresme

La Iaia del Maresme, our favorite Maresme guide

The Maresme region has its own ambassador, the Iaia del Maresme. The advices and information’s that gives us La Iaia del Maresme, who “works” for the Consorci de Promoció Turística Costa del Maresme are essential to get to know the Maresme region, especially to visit it in family.

The Incredible Guide to the Iaia del Maresme is a guide that covers 30 municipalities, from Tordera to Montgat, through which we discover the history from the Iberians and the Romans period, the medieval history and also the pirates past, that centuries ago ravaged these coasts. The guide also encourages you to discover bunkers, castles and modernist houses, or just rest in one of the magnificent beaches or explore hills and forests.

This magazine guide can be consult it on the web also. We can also download 10 routes proposed by the Iaia del Maresme.

Let’s see an example of these routes:

Route 8, Cabrils / Vilassar de Mar / Vilassar de Dalt / Premià de Dalt / Premià de Mar.

Let’s start this route from Cabrils, the town with the most sundials on the peninsula – it has 47 – and invites you to explore the town and discover these beautiful clocks. After the sundials we visit the Montcabrer mountain, and we discover the legends about witches and shepherds associated with it.

Let’s go now to Vilassar de Mar to visit Can Bassa, a modernist house that the local architect Eduard Ferrés i Puig, commissioned by Pere Sitges Bassa, a Catalan who made his fortune in America. In this same town we visited also the Casa Museu Carme Rovira, a naive painter who filled the walls of her house with her paintings.

The tour continues through the Roman Hornos de la Fornaca, in Vilassar de Dalt. In them the Romans produced ceramic pieces for construction and dolia, large jars to store wine and oil. Without leaving Vilassar de Dalt, we went to Can Manyer Library, located in a building that was once a textile factory. Here we will see the original iron columns and, on the floor, a beautiful and immense puzzle based on modernist tiles.

Now we will go to Premià de Dalt where we visit La Cadira del Bisbe, an Iberian settlement at the slopes of Cadira del Bisbe (300 meters), in the Serralada de la Marina. This settlement was founded by the Layetans between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC, and disappeared with the arrival of the Romans.

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In Premià de Mar we visit the Museu de L’Estampació, where we learn how to make a print and its techniques. The Museu de l’Estampació is the only museum in Spain specialized in textile printing. And also in Premià de Mar we end the route with a visit to the Romà Museum in the Can Ferrerpons neighborhood where there are the archaeological remains of a Roman villa with the only octagonal building known in Catalonia.

With only one of the 10 routes that the Iaia del Maresme proposes, we have known the history from Iberians and Romans in Maresme, modernism, industrial architecture, we have known fantastic museums …

And it is only one of the 10 that it proposes to us. Imagine the cultural, historical, architectural, gastronomic and landscape richness of a region that is right next to the city of Barcelona.

In addition, on its website the Iaia del Maresme publishes every day a complete schedule of activities to do in Maresme Region, a blog and some extras that will delight the little ones.


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